Skills Development Programs in Dhaka Bangladesh

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skills development training

Skills Development Training Programs

Among the total population of Bangladesh, one third is aged less than 24 years. Two million people enter the labor market every year and one million get job opportunity in organized and informal sectors. Though the government gives many opportunities to expand education fifty percent of our people cannot cross the five grades yet for their family burden and lack of awareness of the importance of education. There is not enough quality of most of our young people for the formal jobs available, so they end up with irregular and informal jobs.
By 2025 the workforce of Bangladesh will surpass seventy-six million. We expect that there will be a share of Bangladesh about 16 percent of world’s skilled manpower. In this aim, we use skills to ensure a stable economic growth and create a suitable job solution for a half million young people within five years in future. An employability skill-based training program is essential for our young generation to reach our goal.

Objectives of Skills Development Training:

• make an independent young generation
• make them employable or engage them in any other income generating activities
• create entrepreneurs of small business
• efficient management skills development
• convert our youths form workforce to manpower

It will be a great challenge for Bangladesh to reap its demographic advantage with the present education and skill level of the workforce. Employers report that less than 25 percent Bangladeshi graduates are eligible to employ in the organized sector. The skilling mechanism in informal or irregular sector workforce is near zero percent that is the majority of the total workforce.
So there is no time for waste but the quick establishment of skill development ecosystem and a large promotion is necessary for the young workforce to let them know what is suit for the industry. If we can successfully do this Bangladesh would be the human resource capital of the world that day is not so far.

Bangladesh is going forward towards the global knowledge economy. It will be achieved by the advancement of proper skills development that is the part of emerging economic development. The challenge is ensuring the quality of youths along with the huge quantitative expansion of awareness about skills development training programs.

LEAD sets skills development training as one of their pillars with the goal of creating opportunities and scope of income-generating activities. LEAD also believes that this course makes our skilled youths employable, enable them to develop small business and they will be a vehicle of future employment for others.

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