Entrepreneurship Development Programs Organized by LEAD in Dhaka Bangladesh

Entrepreneurship Development Training Dhaka

The youth of Bangladesh is 55 percent out of total population. This number is larger than the total population of a middle course populated country like Singapore or Thailand. According to the Bangladesh Bank statistics One million get engaged out of nearly two million entering into the workforce every year. Ministry of Industries recently invented that the number of small and cottage industries are 0.77 hundred thousand and 6.30 hundred thousand respectively. Youth entrepreneurs run seventy percent of these enterprises. 20 percent youth entrepreneurs in municipal areas have good financial position and the rest of 80 percent entrepreneurs in rural areas are unheeded.

In recent times it has been seen that young mindset change its pattern. A post-Liberation generation is rising in Bangladesh who is a budding, self-driven and diligent. Young talents extricate them from the old mind-set. They choose their career by analysis of market trends and development forecast. Now it is clear to all that Bangladesh is a near future middle-income country. The youths of this country are plucky, hardworking and entrepreneurial. Youths has the power to create a better Bangladesh and making a knowledge society.
Economic development is the backbone of a country and the backbone of economic development considered as Entrepreneurship. Now it has been well-set that the entrepreneurial activities of a region bring its economic development to a large extent. The myth “entrepreneurs not created, they are born” is now unused. It is now well established that entrepreneurs can be created through the proper mediation of entrepreneurship development programs.

Why LEAD’s Entrepreneurship Development Training?

Develop a flourishing business is the dream of many people when they get training to be an entrepreneur. LEAD’s Entrepreneur training program can help to fulfillment your dream. By this Entrepreneurship training you can build awareness and valuable skills for other business career.
A successful business can give you a great reward. In addition to the financial benefits, entrepreneurs are capable to express themselves innovatively. As well as high self dignity and a self control over their own lives.

LEAD’s entrepreneurship training program helps you to:

• improve thinking capacity as like a matured entrepreneur
• learning basic requirements to start a new concern
• improve basic skills of a business operation
• learn how to establish connections with future customers, mentors and associates

What LEAD’s Entrepreneur Training Programs Teach You:

LEAD’s Entrepreneur Training Programs teach basic business skills over and above how to start a new business concern. A successful entrepreneur should have expertness in all sector of business to make an innovative vision.

Topics of LEAD’s Entrepreneur Training course:

• Why entrepreneurship
• How entrepreneurs Lead, not Follow
• Overcoming Barriers
• Learning the fundamentals of Business
• new venture management
• Creating Business plans
• managing virtual teams
• Creating Profiles
• Fundamentals of Branding and Marketing
• Frugal Innovation
• Entrepreneurship case studies
• study for product development

A strong idea, resources and the expertness of entrepreneur can make a business success. Mostly success depends in thinking like an entrepreneur that is the ability to see the opportunities.

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